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Installation of a fully automated Spectrophotometric Analysis Complex (SAC-PTR) for continuous measurement of PTR gas composition on Unit PTR 1000 kW6 in China

Successful connection of the Spectrophotometric Analysis Complex (SAC-PTR) to the installation of Unit 1000 kW6 PTR in China - as unit for recovery rubber feedstock

The joint Czech-Chinese scientific team successfully connected a new type of fully automated Spectrophotometric Analysis Complex (SAC-PTR), based on the Raman Laser Spectrophotometry principle, to the continuous installation of PTR gas produced.

This new arrangement replaces the original chromatographic equipment used by Hedwig with a fully automatic Analysis Complex - SAC, which enables faster gas analysis, higher accuracy, a wider range of sampling points and is backed by excellent service.

Hedviga Group, a.s. with its partners, it will now use this Analysis Complex at all installations in Europe and the USA.

PTR technology is already
in use in several places around the world

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