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of organic materials, in particular waste

PTR technology

PTR technology

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Cogeneration MOMENTA

Cogeneration MOMENTA

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Research and Development

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Energy from Sewage Sludge

Energy from Sewage Sludge

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About Us

we set a new direction in energetics

HEDVIGA GROUP, a.s. is a Czech company which is engaged in offering technological solutions for production of fuels and energy.


We have began to technically realize the idea of using waste as a raw material that is reputable and very easily accessible. Waste utilization means to find and implement a solution that enables to efficiently obtain from the waste energy in the form of electricity, heat and fuel of the third generation.



Production of unit PTR 1000 kW6 - 1 ENERKAL.
Production of unit PTR 1000 kW6 - 1 for Automotive.
PTR technology patented in Canada.
Presentation of PTR technology on Exhibition All Energy Glasgow 2018, 2 - 3 MAY                                                                                                                                Presentation of PTR technology on Exhibition IFAT 2018 IFAT Munchen, 14 - 18 MAY


PTR technology was granted an European patent.
Production and supply of 6 PTR 1000 kW6 technology units for Ivory Coast - République de Côte d'Ivoire
Prezenation of PTR on EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan.

Installation and commissioning of the PTR 1000 kW6 unit - a complex solution for rubber processing and production of electricity, London, Great Britain.

Commencement of production of PTR 1000 kW6 - a complex solution for rubber processing and production of electricity and heat for installation in Great Britain.

Launching a dual cogeneration unit VOPTRA D4N of the first generation as a result of a joint research of HEDVIGA GROUP, a.s. and state company VOP CZ, s.p.

Commencement of commercial offerings of PTR technology as a complex solution, namely in several projects on energy utilization of organic materials from waste (rubber granules, sorted plastics, biomass and sorted municipal waste) in the Czech Republic and the EU.

A new visual angle on generating energy

HEDVIGA GROUP, a.s. in its patented PTR solution introduces a slow thermal decomposition method, which is conducted in sealed fuel cells without air access, in the range of process temperatures from 300 to 500 °C, wherein during the 2-3-hour process, the input material is always decomposed into the next three fractions – products.

Currently, the last phase of commissioning of PTR 1000 kW6 solution is in progress in London, Great Britain. This project is a response to a demand of effective utilization of waste rubber from tires, as well as the current production of fuels and electricity. This project is capacitively designed for production of 1MWe and 1MW heat, when achieving processing capacity of 24 tonnes of rubber a day.

Effective Economic Environmental

HEDVIGA was looking for an optimum power unit for effective utilization of products from the PTR process (gaseous and liquid fuels) to produce electricity and heat by using the gaseous and liquid PTR fuels, which we have ultimately developed in cooperation with VOP CZ s.p., based on our own experience. It has been termed as VOPTRA D4N and it is on the basis of TATRA engine.

Currently, for the needs of special fuels, HEDVIGA is already developing the second generation of power unit called MOMENTA.

Cogeneration unit MOMENTA is thus a logical terminal energy solution for PTR products, which enables to efficiently produce electricity and heat with the use of simultaneous dual fuel system.

The complex solution of the slow thermal decomposition (PTR) of organic materials, including the dual cogeneration unit MOMENTA brings a comprehensive system and simultaneously economically advantageous material and energy utilization of organic materials, especially waste.



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