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HEDVIGA GROUP, a.s. is a Czech company that deals with research and development and offers its PTR a comprehensive technical solution for the production of effective products, for use especially in the field of fuels, fertilizers and chemical raw materials.

The current era places increased demnads on energy prices, but also on stiuation assosiated with outages in support of electricity and heat, or gas and diesel.

PTR technology is patented and verified for the use of all organic materials, waste and available raw materials for immediately energetically usable gaseous and liquid fuels. These fuels are suitable for cogeneration, motor generators, boilers for the production of electricity and heat, or as fuel additives for driving technical machines.

PTR principes - Circular economy - PTR circular solution 

HEDVIGA GROUP, a.s. in its innovative PTR solution, it presents a method of neo-oxidative slow thermal decomposition, which takes place in closed fuel cells without air access, in the process temperature range of 300 - 600 °C. In the thermal conversion process, the input feedstock is always broken down into additional fractions - solid carbon, liquid oil and gas. Depending on the origin of the input raw material, these fractions can further be used as fertilizers or auxiliary soil substances in agriculture, as input raw materials in petrochemicals, e.g. for the production of polypropylene, as liquid, gaseous and solid fuels, as chemical additives in the production of rubber and others.

The new point of view of PTR technology is mainly in the identification of a clear goal of the use and/or reuse of input raw materials while observing the principles of the Circular Economy. The input raw materials for PTR technologies are sorted recyclates, waste biomass, WWTP sludge or secondary raw materials. The products that can be produced in this way have product parameters and at the same time a low emission factor.

Proven technology, Smart Hybrid System

As part of the project running in 2018-2020, HEDVIGA in cooperation with Research Institute of Agricultural Technology realized the production of biochar from waste biomass from agricultural production. In addition to the selection of input biomass, the testing of different types of biomass and the production of biochar, bio-oil and T-biogas, the project also included soil tests of the produced biochar. The results of not only this R&D project were then further applied in the years 2021-2024 both to the own operating plant and to the development of the Hybrid PTR system for mixing gaseous fuels and electricity generation.

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